PGE Arena, Gdansk, Poland

About Us

Pol.Protection Ltd is a  security company. Our management and staff are highly experience within security industry. We are a family owned and run company. We were able to integrate three generations to create a company that we would be proud of as well as have staff that are proud to work for us.  Having such a variety of generations allows us to have a unique perspective on our work ethic. The two older generations have the wisdom and the experience, whereas the younger generation influences the company in  modern and forward thinking approach.
We are fairly small in size, however we make this up in our experience. With our size comes integrity between us to provide you the best service possible. With time and expansion of our company, we still will be aiming for the best service for you through our ability of working together as a team. Us, as management, believe that our employees are very important and they have to be treated with respect and fairly under all circumstances.

What do we do?

We have experience on many levels and in a lot of areas. We have worked at during many events, both entertainment and sport. You could have seen us at football matches at Brentford F.C., Queens Park Rangers F.C., Chelsea F.C. and Wembley F.C. As well as rugby ground at Twickenham as well as at Lords cricket ground.  Our staff has experience in most areas of security. They worked at various sport grounds as well as at a wide range of pubs, clubs, shops  (Polish Deli Polonez ,Majestic Wine , Holister  ), shopping centres and Drayton Manor High School. We also cooparate with different companies such as Wilson James (Heathrow Security), IB Solution, InterSecurity and ABC development.

Our staff

One of the most interesting and unique aspects of our company is that all of the management and our staff has experience in security from other countries, mainly Poland.
We want all of our staff to have a set of skills that would allow them to deal with and resolve problems that might occur. We would like our staff to have finished college, as that would show they have more skills that our clients could want.

What would we like to accomplish?

As a company, in next three years we would like to become recognizable within the security industry. We want sport events to be our main sector of practice. We want to gain more experience in all of the sectors, so that we can meet the expectations of all of our clients.

Pol.Protection Ltd is a company registered in England with company number 08309676

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